Chosen as Evansville's

"Best Professional Mobile Entertainer"

by News4U Magazine!

“I’ll never close down my Event Hosting/ EmCee/ Professional Mobile DJ service until my creator shuts it down for me. WHY you ask? Because people will always need somewhere to go when they can only bring themselves to hire the BEST in services. If you can’t settle for anything less than the BEST, let’s get together and talk about your up and coming event! The consultation is free and there is no obligation! When I sit down with a young couple, I know that they are at the age that they have probably already attended five to seven other wedding receptions. But now they’re sitting down with me because they realize that they want the best. Or they would have hired one of the DJs they’ve already seen.”

– Randy Weber

a once in a lifetime event deserves the best

If you have never attended a function that Weber Productions was hired to perform at, it’s ok. You can just click on the videos below and watch the action. You can also request referral’s from their over 1500 satisfied customers.

Weber Productions has performed for small groups of 40 people to groups consisting of over 8000 revelers. And now it’s your turn to find out what Weber Productions can do for you. Because in the end, Weber Productions truly realizes that your function is the only one that really matters. You expect all your plans to be implemented with precision and professionalism. With the help of Weber Productions, you’ll get everything you want , the way you want it, down to the smallest detail. Contact them today for all your hosting, emcee, and mobile DJ needs.


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